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nov/dec 2015 – BEAUTY BEAST, book of poems by Carolyn Stockbridge

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 1.52.21 PM

‘Positive thinking’, oil on canvas 55×71.12cm ( 22×28″) 2014 by Carolyn Stockbridge

Beauty Beast is a book of punk poetry written by artist Carolyn Stockbridge. The works are inspired by living in Vancouver’s D.T.E.S (Canada’s poorest postal code). A poem from the publication Beauty Beast:

Homemade Jam

White city home made jamtambourine dreamers

high heeled pumps sneakers cream make

streakers catching my eye, catch my fly

devil tries to get high/captain eye eye captain

topsy turvy girlie curvy

whistling pigs coz this pig flies

missionaries mission fairies

dogs spit bones as car hiss mary

mary serves tea on a tea cozy prairie

mary serves tea on a teacup cherry

mary hiccups on a teacup sherry

cherry berry mary drives a 

thunderbird daringly to white city

homemade jam

tambourine dreamers wearing high heeled 

pump sneakers cream made streakers trying 

to catch my eye catch me catching my eye

devil crying to get me high ok captain eye 

eye. tipsy turvy hurdy gurdy histling pigs

cuss this piggy flies above the 

missionariesmission bay fairies dogs spit

bones as cartwheel mary

spilling teacup over cherries.

*This book contains explicit material and is not suitable for minors.

Book Dimensions:  13×20 cm

Pages: 44 pgs

Cost: US $13.97 Softcover

Beauty Beast can be purchased online through the link below.

Beauty Beast by Carolyn Stockbridge

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