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‘Consciousness of Painting’ by Vancouver based multimedia artist Carolyn Stockbridge.


This is a detail of the surface of one of Carolyn’s exciting works.

Carolyn Stockbridge is an artist who possesses more diversity of talent and creativity in her baby finger then many people will ever know in their lifetime. The Gynocratic Art Gallery is thrilled to be highlighting her work here this month under both our featured ‘Object Maker’  as well as our featured ‘Word Arranger’ so be sure to check out both online galleries.

You can also access Carolyn’s punk poetry in the very raw, and aptly named collection Beauty Beast here.

Stockbridge has been a practicing painter her entire adult life. In addition to her extensive painting curriculum vitae she is also an accomplished composer, having written and published no less than five scores for Nina Rota between 1999 – 2007 (Nina Rota is the daughter of Nino Rota -best know as the filmscore composer for the Italian filmamker Federico Fellini – La Dolce Vita – and American filmaker Frances Ford Coppola, for The Godfather). In addition to that, Stockbridge wrote the score for the Louise Hogarth’s documentary Does Anyone Die of AIDS Anymore? (2002).

Stockbridge has been awarded multiple awards and scholarships, as well as having been featured in a variety of publications including The Elliott Louis Gallery online, (‘It’s All About Art’, 2010), The Georgia Straight (‘New Stars on the Rise’, Brayshaw, C. 2001), and The Vancouver Sun (2000).

She is currently working on a masters degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

The following images are from a recent body of wok titled Consciousness of Painting Series.

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From the series Flowers and Tombstones

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You can see more of Carolyn Stockbridge’s work on her website at

You can also view a copy of her CV below by clicking on the link.


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